Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm All Shook Up

A few weeks back Mike's dad and sister made the drive to visit us in our new house. They got to come to church with us, look around the town, and Amy and I did our fair share of shopping.

Of course, this trip also had to include a trip to one of Memphis' greatest claims to fame. I don't actually know that Memphis claims it, but I am assuming they do and will continue to do so until I am corrected by their Chamber of Commerce or some other authority of relative importance.

What is this place? Graceland of course! Mike and I are pretty much assuming that from here on out anyone who visits will want to go to Graceland, and we have tossed around the idea of seasons passes. Alas, such a thing does not exist. But we could become Elvis Insiders. I know what you are thinking. The answer is no. You could never be as cool as us.

All kidding aside, Graceland is just one of those places you have to go once. Just for the experience. It is fun to see it all, and we were excited to get to go see it with Bill and Amy.

Mike and his dad waiting for the shuttle. We are ready to start the tour! The guy behind Mike just found out that he can't try on Elvis' jumpsuits. Not a happy camper.

Elvis was a man before his time. King of Rock and Roll? Try King of Awesome...

Gonna need to see this movie. Movie poster worked...I'm hooked.

My favorite thing about the Jungle Room is the koala bear. Or at least some kind of bear...


Fabric room. You know that has to get dusty. And how do you clean it?

By the front's really not as "huge" as you think it will be. Not that I'm going to be living in a house that size any time soon. I could also think that because you aren't allowed upstairs. I'll bet it's super cool up there.

After the excitement that was Graceland we went and hung out at the Peabody Hotel for awhile, and we checked out Autozone Park. It's a minor league ball park in the middle of downtown. I'm sure we'll make our way to a few games as we go through Ranger withdrawal. Mike was super excited to take this picture.

When it was all said and done, we went and ate here:

Any place in an alley has to be good.

Thanks for visiting Bill and Amy!


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