Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And the Beat Goes On...

We have had family here this week, so not much unpacking has been done. What a great break, though! We have had fun, and we are wrapping up our visit today. More posts to come, soon! Here is just about the only part of our house that looks presentable right now: the front door! Could I use a few more exclamation points?!?

I saw this Welcome sign on Bless Our Nest awhile back, and I thought it would be fun on the black door. I got it from Scribble It...check them out!

Or if you are my mom...spend some time thinking about how you could totally make this with your Cricut.



The Lewis Family said...

I like your black door! Sounds strange, but I'm serious-- reminds me of my parent's house.

destiny said...

I LOVE your door! It's so.....welcoming! I wonder if I could pull that off??? Probably not because of my window! I love it, though!