Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun and Sunscreen...My Two Favorite Things

I was very disappointed in myself for my lack of picture taking this weekend, but it was a fabulous time! Saturday was great with movie watching and lots of couch sitting. Just the way I like it.

The rest of the weekend was much more hectic. We had a pool party with our Bible Fellowship class, my sister came and spent the night with us, then on Monday we put it some good tailgating and baseball time out at the ballpark.

Now, you would think that I have a good tan going on by now, but the truth is I am as pale as ever. Why? Because I have apparently found the craziest sunscreen known to man: Bullfrog SPF 50. I love the stuff, but I am pretty sure its ingredients were brought to this earth by some sort of extraterrestrial beings. So, if you have decided to spend the rest of your life blissfully pale and wrinkle-free, you should try it. But just know what you are getting into...and make sure you get the SPF 50 with some sort of titanium something or nother in it. The whole titanium thing makes me a little nervous, but oh well.

PS: Soofie was totally dead when we got home last night. And contrary to popular belief, fish do not float to the top.

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Leah Williams said...

oh, i'm right there with ya! But I've got you topped....I use the Neutrogena SPF 85!!!!! :) And i usually still get a little pink, but that's what happens when you don't have the tanning gene in ya! And heck, we'll have a great skin when we're 60! :)