Monday, July 04, 2016

Ben Turns Four

It's no secret that I'm a bit behind on the ol' blog this year, but I am trying to at least get the big moments on here in hopes of catching up some day. Instagram gives my OCD brain a great sense of peace, because I know I have so many of favorite pictures all sorted and captioned. Here's to catching up in 2017!

Anyhow...Ben turned FOUR back in May, and I definitely count that as a BIG moment. This little guy is a hot mess in the very best way. He can be big, loud, hilarious, and a bundle of energy, and then he can turn around and be the most snuggly guy you've ever seen. He loves books, Legos, Veggie Tales, Star Wars, and {since I'm writing in now in good ol' July} I happen to know that he is a master of VBS songs and choreography. A master I tell you.

Ben's birthday fell on the last day of school, so his teacher decided to celebrate his birthday along with all the summer birthdays in the class.  I don't think he minded too much. The icing is what tipped me off.

Here he is on his actual birthday, but you know what really mattered in four-year-old world. The birthday party.

When it came to celebrating Ben's big day, he requested a "fireman and policeman" Lego party. I thought it would be easy-peasey since the I had seen the City Lego party sets online, but as it turned out they were discontinued. With a few improvisations, we were able to pull of a party that I think he really enjoyed. Legos? Cake? Pizza? What's a four-year-old boy not to like???

 All ready for the party to start!

Hanging out in front of the Build Your Own Lego Fireman Table

And the Play Doh table...

I printed out some Lego coloring pages for them to work on.

Fireman and Policeman Lego plates
Technically, they are Brik Tek, but let's not bother with semantics. Ha!

I got a little desperate for decorations, so I got some Lego City books and threw them around. I figured it was a win, because now they have them in their library.

The birthday boy requested that I make him a chocolate cake.

And I may have felt like I needed to get a cookie cake to round it out.

 Enjoying the party!

 Cake time!

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