Thursday, July 07, 2016

Addie and Emmie Turn 3...A Snow White Party

Emmie left, Addie right
Addie and Emmie turned three back in May, and I had so much fun working on their birthday party for them! Three seems to be the magic age around here for really "getting" the whole birthday thing, so it was awesome to see them get excited for their big day.

Over the past year, they have consistently said their favorite princess is Snow White, so it seemed like a logical place to start for their party. A little imagination {and a lot of pinterest} later, I think they had a blast! There were lots of princess dresses, food, crowns to decorate, coloring, a jump house thanks to a friendly neighbor, and cupcakes. I mean what's not to love???

Max, Emmie, Addie, Ben
The boys got these knight shirts in Disney World, so they wore them to "protect the princesses" during the party. They make me happy.

There are few things in life I love more than a good party table. Okay...there are a lot of things. But a party table is definitely one of my love languages. I found a tablecloth for $3 at Walmart, had an awesome friend cut up some stumps for me, grabbed some flowers and sheets of moss and got to work on my computer for the printables. I think it's one of my favorite tables, and I think it may have been my most affordable. Done.

How cute are the Snow White cupcake toppers my mom made?? I love a good Cricut project.

Emmie left, Addie right
And of course my very FAVORITE part of the party table was that these two girls thought it was SO FUN, and it got them so excited about their party!

All the food on the table probably didn't hurt...ha! We had The Prince's Pig in a Blankets, Snow White's Strawberries, Not-So-Poisonous Apples and Caramel...and dips in the kitchen for the grown-ups. Because a party isn't a party without dip. I think that's a Proverb, but don't quote me on it.

Seven Dwarfs Dips

The crowns were a huge success. I just got some foam crowns and ordered some adhesive "jewels" on Amazon, and we were good to go!

Emmie and Mommy

Addie left, Emmie right
I may have remembered halfway through the party that back in my teaching days I would dress up as Snow White for Halloween. A likely story I know. Maybe I just wanted to dress like my girls, okay?? They got a kick out of it, and that's what matters. {But seriously I didn't plan it}.

Cupcake time. They requested their "own" cakes instead of sharing. I mean, who can blame them? They have to share a birthday, but they just want their own cakes by golly!! Luckily cupcakes count. 

Addie with Cinderella
Lots of jumping. One of my neighbors showed up, saw my tiny excuse for a jump house, and ran home and pulled this big ol' princess tent out of her attic. It was AMAZING!

Cute little favors! Have to give Pinterest all the cred for the bird whistle idea. They were such a fun way to end the night. I was worried they may not work, but they were great!

And finally...a few more pictures of the night to remember...

Emma's face...Addie's face...priceless.

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