Monday, November 30, 2015

Trick or Treat!

A few years ago, barely anyone lived in our neighborhood and trick or treating was just a little...sad. These days, things around here are much different and trick or treating is so much fun. Our two little Rapunzels and Bumblebee and Chase the Rescue Bots had a great time running around to everyone's houses. It was a great night and we're still in the candy zone a month later. 

 Ready to go...and watching all the other kids play.
(Addie left, Emmie right)

 My attempt at a picture with them didn't go well.

 Off we go!

One of our neighbors always has a little party for the kids after we go around the neighborhood. There were all crowded into the garage watching  a movie on the projector. 

Costume change...I call this one "double double toil and trouble."
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