Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Max Turns Five: Minion Style

It's official...Max is five!

Just so you know, he takes the job very seriously. He has five-year-old boo boo's now. And he goes to "big church." And he can use the pause button on the remote. He's practically grown.

We actually spent the majority of Max's actual birthday in the car, but he did make it to preschool that morning. Because receiving a birthday crown is big business. One does not simply miss out on the birthday crown, people.

After school we headed straight to Texas, and we made up for a birthday spent in the car with a family birthday party the next day. We went simple with a minion birthday party, and with my store bought banner and some help from Mimi and Aunt Hailey, we pulled it off. The birthday guy had a blast...and what else matters? Now for eleventy billion pictures...


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