Wednesday, April 08, 2015

March is Over

This year is already flying by! Here are a few pictures from the end of March...

 I put this picture on Insta, because every time I see it I start singing, "they see me rollin...." in my head. Every. Single. Time.

 We tend to feed the kids first and then eat breakfast, but inevitably one of them (or all of them) will climb up on the table to get in on our breakfast too. Emmie was all over Daddy's oatmeal.

 Aunt Amy got us Koala Crates for Christmas, and we have a lot of fun when they come. This month...bugs! 

 Pictures this particular Sunday didn't go so well. Drama, drama, drama.

 Sweet brothers

 Emmie...that face


And more Addie...with her necklaces and stroller all ready to go.


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