Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Addie, Emmie, and Ben Hunt Some Eggs

Ben, Addie, and Emmie have been going to MDO since January, so they got in on the Easter egg fun too. I knew Ben would get it, but I really didn't know about the girls. Honestly, I thought Emmie may like it but thought Addie would be scared to death. I was so wrong. Addie was all about some Easter eggs. She would see one and exclaim, "oh!" and run after it as fast as she could. Emmie got one or two eggs and was ready to stop and eat whatever was inside of them! Luckily Max was there to make sure she got more than one egg. Ben was a pro, too, and it was so fun to see him running around really "getting it." I would say it was egg hunt success!



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