Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Playing at the Beach

With four small ones in tow, we didn't necessarily spend every waking minute at the beach (thank goodness my mom sprang for the pool!), but we got in our fair share of fun in the sand while we were there. Maybe next time we head to the beach they'll be a little older so when they want to go straight into the ocean without holding our hands they can. This time? Not so much, and it made those youngest two girls pretty feisty!

 Looking close to a melt down, but snacks make everything better.
E left, A right

 Building castles with Dad and Mimi.

 Serious sand work going on.

 Dad and Max. Just hangin' at the ocean. You know.

 Cool guy at the beach.

A left, E right

E left, A right

 E left, A right


 Just the two of us. With kids pulling at our legs.

 Turning Uncle Zach into a merman.

 Addie rocking the sand.



Fishing. The lures on his reel turned into sponge fish when they got wet. He may have thought he was actually catching sponge fish.

 My Ben boy

 The Gang's All Here
(Mike with Addie, Me with Emmie)

Merman Max

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