Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Beach Fun

While we spent our fair share of time in the water while we were at the beach, we also had fun getting out and about in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. It wasn't as crowded as it is during the peak season, so we were able to do a lot even with all the little people in tow. I really liked going in September!

At Build a Bear...the girls thought they needed all the bears...and rabbits...and dogs.


Playing ion the playground at Tacky Jacks. 

Addie was having no part of the sand...notice how she was lifting her feet up refusing to touch it.

Aunt Hailey and Emmie right before she was passed to Mimi...and right before her diaper managed to leak everywhere. Mimi is now the proud owner of a Tacky Jack's t-shirt.

Ice cream time...

One morning they all woke up super early so we headed to Krispy just happened to be Talk Like a Pirate Day,

We rode the ferry over to Daulphin Island. It was a little different that we anticipated, and I spent a good portion of the time terrified that someone was going to fall in the ocean.

We went to a (very small) aquarium on the island.


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