Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Maxisms

Oh Mr. Max. You are quite the character. You keep me laughing all day every day...unless you are making me pull my hair out. You have such a funny personality, and you know exactly how you want things done (aka: we are working on your bossy tendencies). You may be a little bossy, but you are also extremely sweet, polite, and hilarious. I just thought I'd write down a few conversations and things that have made me laugh in the past couple of months.

Upon pulling into the car line for Mother's Day Out
Max: Mommy, am I going to school?
Me: Yes.
Max: (sighs) Oh, dang it.

When the UPS man leaves a delivery
Max: We have a package!
(Tries to pick it up)
Max: It's heavy. I need my sweat bands.

Max: I wear my big boy underwear
Me: Ok, that means you go potty in the big boy potty
Max: Oh. I wear my diaper.

A few other things:

You love the number 35. We don't know why, but it's the answer to everything. Anything you measure is 35. What time is it? 35. What's my temperature? 35.

Speaking of measuring, you love a good tape measure. You pull out the tape and look at the numbers and say, "Hmmm...what time is it?"

Chicken "nunnets" and ranch are your favorite meal. 

You have gone past the word "no" to "never!" I'm sure you got it from a cartoon, but you sound very passionate when you say it. You really emphasize the never...ha!

"Max, do you want milk?"

Ok...little dude. That's cool.


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