Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ben at 12 Months

Ben, last weekend you turned ONE, and I just cannot wrap my head around it! did this happen?? You have brought such joy to our lives, and we love you so very much. Every day you get a little bigger and that fun little personality starts peeking through more and more. We find ourselves laughing at you constantly...and you like to laugh at yourself too!

Here are a few more things about you at 12 months...

At your one year appointment, you weighed 22 pounds, 7 ounces, and you were 30 inches long. 
You are definitely a growing boy. You are a human vacuum cleaner and will pretty much eat long as you don't see something better. If you do, you start throwing the offending food over your shoulder as fast as possible to make room for what you like.

You are wearing 12-18 month cloths and taking two naps a day.
You did really well transitioning from bottle to sippy cup...although you still really prefer for someone to hold it for you. But you will do it if you have to!

Now that you crawl, you are a machine. You have gotten really fast. You also wiggle your bottom side to side as you are crawling when you get really excited. You also think it's hilarious to crawl in circles and to crawl backwards.

You love to chase bouncy balls around. And throw the magnets on the fridge. Far.
 You are pretty obsessed with your daddy. And your brother. And your brother's toys.

You have started waving bye bye and saying it, too.
You have also started saying Max...but it sounds like Mah because x is hard!

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