Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Other Weekend

Whew...I need to catch up! Last weekend, we had a busy but fun time. We started with a little baking on Thursday night. My friend DeAnna and I decided we needed to make a king cake. It was delicious, and it was fun to share it with friends!

Yum! We may have doubled the cream cheese icing.

The next morning we had our adoption homestudy visit, and Max was dressed to impressed.

Right after the homestudy we headed to Texas for the night to celebrate Mike's grandmother's 90th birthday. Max did well on the drive. I was so happy we had a DVD player the last hour or so!

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures in Texas. I did get one of Max in his new tent. He hates the pack and play, so this is what we are going with. He wouldn't sleep in it at first, but in his defense I had only gotten it the night before. He did end up sleeping in 2:15 in the morning!

Before that he was sleeping in the bed with us. First time ever. He made it three hours before he wanted his own space.


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