Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thirty-One Open House

The week before we left, I held my first Thirty-One Open House. Of course, that day it chose to POUR down rain, but my friends were so wonderful to come out and support me. I was nervous, but I ended up having so much fun. My mom (with crutches and a wheelchair after surgery) made most of the food, and my friend Kim came to help, too.

I had a "Mystery Hostess" party. Basically, everyone who came got entries in a drawing and at the end of the night I drew a winner. That winner got to be the hostess for the evening. My friend Misty won, and she ended up with some really great free items...boxes worth. It was a great night hanging out with friends and figuring out what I'm doing. So far, I'm having so much fun!

(Oh, and the 31 Edible Arrangement is from my mom. It cracked me up, but it was so pretty and delicious!)


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