Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Festival

Since it's almost Thanksgiving, I figure I may need to go ahead and post about Halloween! I have a few more fun pictures coming later, but these are what I have for now. We started off the weekend with our church's fall festival.

Since I knew Max wasn't going to be too thrilled about wearing a costume anyways, I went for cheap and simple. I decided he should be Mario, and then I figured Mike and I needed to get in on the action, too! So, Mike was Luigi, and I was Yoshi. Because let's be honest. We all know I'm more crazy green dragon than pink wearing Princess Peach.

The Mario and Luigi costumes were super simple to make. Overalls, t-shirts, some painted yellow button pins, and big hats with some felt. Done. And I didn't feel as bad when Max refused to keep his hat on! I made my tail with some green felt, stuffing, and black ribbon for the belt. The best part of the costume was my cool hat, and I have to give my sister credit for that one!

I could get into this candy stuff! Max actually spent the whole night wandering around pulling the same rice krispies treat in and out of his bucket. Something tells me that won't fly next year.

Is it still in there??

What is this? Because I like it.

One last family shot...

Thanks to some wonderful friends who took some of these fabulous pictures. Yes, I swiped them off of Facebook! And yes, in my head I totally just said, "Swiper, no swiping!" Oh Dora.


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