Monday, June 27, 2011

Texas in the Summer

Max and I went to visit family in Texas a couple of weeks ago, and we had a blast! We found out that this baby is a bit of a fish...he LOVED the pool! We were constantly on the go, and he was such a trooper. At this point, he's a bit of a traveling pro. I always feel like people are praying I don't sit next to them on the plane, but we have 8 flights together under our belts and no meltdowns yet! The secret? Lots and lots of food. Max has never met a food he didn't like. Here are a few cute pics (from my phone of course) from our trip.

Riding my new bike for the first time.


Napping on the go...with my blanket in my mouth of course.

We were very fortunate to get our own row in the back of the plane! I don't buy him his own seat, so we've had some fun trips pressed up against the window with some big ol' dudes next to us.


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Libby said...

Seriously, that cheese face is the cutest thing ever!!