Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nine Months!

Max, you are NINE months old! I feel like you are getting SO big, and I am always saying, "well, when he was little..." You know. Because you are practically grown.

You are having so much fun being more mobile and independent, and even though it keeps me on my toes constantly, it's fun to watch you explore new things. Except when those new things are pieces of dog food. That's just gross. Here are a few things about you lately:

-You are a crawling machine. When you get excited or go after something you really want you go into "speed crawl" mode.
-You have mastered pulling up to your knees, and you are getting better everyday at standing all the way up. This means you have ruined lots of magazines and mail! Paper is your favorite. Along with anything produced by Apple.
-We took you swimming for the first time, and you absolutely love it! You love to kick your legs, and we're pretty sure you think you could just swim right off.
-You fall asleep every night with a blanket in your mouth. I guess it works for you.
-You just got your first tooth! It took awhile, but it finally showed up.
-You are eating more and more table foods. You love it all.
-You are such a happy little guy, and we love you more and more every day!


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