Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seven Months

Max, you are SEVEN months old!

You are such a happy little guy, and you are getting more animated by the day. You aren't crawling yet, but you are definitely on the move. You love to play on the floor, jump in your door bouncer, swing at the playground, and go for walks around the neighborhood. You like to be out and about, and I'm pretty sure your favorite place is still Target. That's what I tell your dad, anyway.

Here are a few more things about you this month:
-I'm pretty sure you are over 20 pounds by now.
-You have the chunkiest legs. You get stuck in your Bumbo every time.
-You were getting a little too tall (and heavy) for your infant car seat, so you moved up into your big boy car seat this weekend You look so big in it!
-You are so close to crawling. You get up on your hands and knees and rock and rock. But for now you scoot and roll wherever you want to go.
-You love to go play on the wood and tile floors, because they are slippery and you can scoot.
-You have outgrown your swing. You still like to sit in it, but you are so big that it doesn't really rock.
-You have said mama a few times. Jury is still out on whether you mean to or not.
-You are a charmer. You smile at everyone.
-You are starting to try different very soft finger foods, like egg yolk. So far, so good.
-You are a big fan of puffs. You basically attack them the second I put them on your tray.
-You love to eat. You have worked up to eating twice a day, 3 or 4 ounces every meal.
-You will sit up for a minute or so if I put you like that, but you aren't too keen on that. Why sit up when you can roll around and play with your toys?
-You love to blow raspberries (even with your mouth full of food...yay!). You have started sticking your hand in your mouth and sticking out your tongue to make them even louder.
-You also smack your lips, almost like you are pretending to chew.
-You used to be a thumb sucker, but you have stopped that. Now, you get really excited when we put you in bed and you see your blanket. You suck on the corner of it and fall asleep.
-No teeth, but I think they are right around the corner. Although I've been saying that for months...maybe 7 will be the magic number!

And because I take way too many pictures...


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destiny said...

He's precious!! I love his smile!