Thursday, April 07, 2011

Non-Extreme Couponing

I have had fun at Walgreens the past two weeks, and I managed to save over 60% both times. I didn't take a picture this week, but here is my loot from the week before.

As you can see, I may never need to buy shampoo or deodorant again! But...I would much rather buy it now at anywhere from free to $1 than later at $4. Clearing out a cabinet to store it is totally worth it in my opinion!

I didn't watch the new extreme couponing show on TLC, but the reaction from the "couponing world" hasn't been great. I can imagine. The large (huge) majority of couponers are just families and individuals trying to save a little money, not people out there taking it to that extreme. You can read what Jenny from Southern Savers says about it here if you are interested.



Lauren Kate said...

Tim and I want to watch at least one episode so we can make fun of the crazy people. My crazy sister-in-law posted this article on her FB this morning and I read it. I'll give you this, what she had to see made sense to me. :-)

Anonymous said...

You inherited this from your Poppa who could not resist a sale even if we wouldn't use it for ten years. A number of years ago when he read there had been a coffee crop failure in Columbia he accumulated 60 lbs of coffee.
Remember it is only a saving if you really need that item which of course in the case of the coffee, we certainly did. LOL
Love you and tell Max I am missing him.