Saturday, December 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

Now that it's almost Christmas, I figure I should post all about Halloween night. 
This year we went with an animal theme. The boys were the Wild Kratt brothers (surprise), so they wore their creature power suits and animal masks. The girls were pink poodles because...welll...they were adorable, and they probably won't dress up as pink poodles for me when they are 12. I'll take it while I can. We had a great time trick or treating with a big group in our neighborhood. One loop around the neighborhood and then back to a friend's house for food and more fun. It was a great night!

 Ben is ready for action

the Kratt  brothers 



 This kid was sooo excited.



 B, E, A, M

 E left, A right

 Ready to ride!

 Showing his first score of the evening

 Ben figuring out how this trick-or-treat thing works. He was a fan.

 Addie chowing down

The next morning we went to our church's Fall Fest at the park.  It was so cold that I didn't take many pictures, but we had a great time. And just for the record, Ben isn't crying. His eyes water in the cold!


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