Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Amazing August

 Addie was feeling the pictures.

Emmie was not.

We went to WalMart one morning, and Addie fell asleep in the car. I brought her in and put her on the rug and she fell right back asleep. Nobody knew what to do with her. Eventually Emmie climbed on top of her and woke her up.

Emmie has gotten really into blankets. She wouldn't go to sleep one night until I put this bear one from her Nana on her head.

They are looking so grown up all eating at the table together. And yes, Max likes to keep his sword handy when eating.

Addie smiled for a picture. And then promptly threw herself on the ground and threw a fit. She didn't like her dress.

 Before and After breakfast. Gracious.

When did Mac grow up???

And why does Ben think this is okay??? Haha!

My sweet girls. Addie left in both.

Never a dull moment with Addie

Celebrating Aunt Amy's birthday while she was in town.


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