Friday, June 06, 2014

Bee Day Party...The Dessert Table

I love a good dessert table! I would say that's mostly because it involves sugar, and partly because it is fun to put one together. I had no problem finding decorations, and I did some research and started planning out what I wanted way in advance. They only have the yellow Oreos in the spring, so I stocked up when I could. (Just as a side note, Oreos are a great dessert table food if you have kids with an egg allergy. They don't feel as left out).

I knew I wanted to save money in the cake area, so I did Sams cupcakes (they are so good!) and added little flags to dress them up. I also had them make the little smash cakes, and then I added the letters on top. I added a few plastic honey bears filled with M&Ms and honeycombs, and we were good to go!



Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Awesome decor and dessert table! It is beautiful!!

Teri Harris said...

Oh gosh! What an adorable table setting. I'm loving your interpretation of the 'Bee' theme, with all the funky yellow things there. I'm sure the kids and the young at hearts enjoyed that dessert table. Thanks for sharing those wonderful inspirations. All the best!

Teri Harris @ Caiger and Co