Saturday, March 15, 2014

Addie and Emmie at Nine Months

Emmie left, Addie right

Addie and Emmie on February 20th you turned nine months old!

Emmie you are are 18.6 pounds and 27 and 3/4 inches tall.

Addie you are 18 pounds and 27 3/4 inches tall.

You are both doing better at sitting up! Addie you are sitting up all by yourself, and Emmie you are doing it with a bit of help every now and then.


Emmie you are pulling up onto your knees like you are about to take off crawling. Addie you are starting to try to army crawl just a tiny bit. Mostly ya'll still roll anywhere you want to go.

Emmie you started shaking your head "no," and not long after Addie did too. Sometimes I think you know what it means, and sometimes I think you do it just to be funny.


Addie you like to wiggle when someone sings to you or you hear music. Emmie does it a bit too, but Addie you really get into it.

Emmie you repeat/mimic everything you hear. 

Emmie left, Addie right

We switched to cheerios from puffs. You are both fans.

You are both starting to seem like such big girls!


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