Tuesday, February 25, 2014


1. Max found a suit in his closet and wanted to "dress like daddy." 
2. Ben was looking rather dapper that day too. And he thinks posing for pictures is hilarious. 

3. Girl time on mommy's bed
4. Emmie isn't as enthused about these veggies as you would think.
5. Neither is Addie.

6. Max thinks he's pretty cool in his Mickey hat.
7.He likes Emmie to look cool too.

8. It's like a wrestling match around here constantly. It doesn't seem to bother them though.
9. Just another pic of Ben sleeping in his favorite spot.

10. Plaid Max
11. Plaid Ben 

12. Firefighter Mr. Potato Head Max
13. Buzz Lightyear Ben

14. Ben likes to finish up the baby food for his sisters.
15. I laid Addie out on a blanket, came back, and she had wrapped herself up like a burrito.

16. Addie had developed quite the faux hawk. 

17. Max said he forgot where underwear goes...
18. Hanging out in the fort watching TV with a "pirate scope"

19. Emmie has learned the art of scooting backwards.
20. Ben. He was in trouble, but when he saw my phone he was all smiles. Cheese ball.

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