Friday, January 24, 2014

Addie and Emmie at Seven Months

Addie right, Emmie left

Addie and Emmie on December 20th you turned seven months old! At seven months you are starting to seem more and more "grown up." It hit me the other day that I tend you treat you more like little babies because you have older brothers, but there are so many fun new things you are doing.


Here is a little bit about the both of you at seven months.


You started solid foods. I haven't found anything that you won't eat...yet.

You are both rolling around, which means you spend a lot of time rolling over each other. 
This may make you both a little angry.


You both like to watch your brothers play. There are times I think they must surely be scaring you, but you just laugh. And then Ben sits on you.


You both are wearing 6 and 6-9 month clothes and size 2 and 3 diapers.

No teeth yet for either of you, but you are both really slobbery sometimes. Maybe they are right around the corner!


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