Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Addie and Emmie's Arrival


 Well, we have four children. It's still kind of unreal to say those words, but the girls have been here for three weeks and we are just trucking along. We have had family here helping us, and we will for a little while longer so maybe it won't hit until then...the first time I realize I only have two hands and a whole lot of little people to keep happy by myself!

So..onto the good stuff. At least to me. On Monday, May 13th I went to the doctor, and I was starting to show signs of elevated blood pressure. Since I had preeclampsia with Max, we had always known it was a possibility, but I was hoping it wouldn't show up so early. Especially after being on bed rest for several weeks. My doctor sent me home with blood pressure medication and told me to come back Friday, saying that if my blood pressure stayed up we would probably be delivering.

I have my own blood pressure cuff, so by midweek I pretty much knew my bp was only going to get worse. My mom and Mike's dad went ahead and came into town, and we headed to the doctor Friday afternoon fully expecting to be sent to the hospital.

Well...not so much. My doctor went back and forth and decided it would be best to wait until over the weekend. After a little bit longer at the doctor's office, we also learned that our hospital's NICU was full and we would have to go to another hospital Monday. Now, the other hospital is absolutely wonderful, but it wasn't the hospital I was used to...tears may have fallen. I quickly got over it though, and soon we were spending the weekend making sure all was ready for the girls' arrival on Monday.

Leaving for the hospital Monday afternoon. Last belly shots...

Monday afternoon (35 weeks and 4 days) we checked in and got settled into triage. And waited. I was so nervous, because I had been asleep during my first c-section and had no idea what to expect. I had also stopped taking my medicine the night before, so contractions started to set in and they got pretty painful very quickly. I had no idea the medicine had been working that well, but I think without it the girls would have joined us much sooner!

My doctor finally arrived, and it was go time. As scared as I was, I loved being awake. It was the first time I was present (either literally or because I was knocked out) for one of my children's births, and it was such an awesome experience. I didn't get to see much because the NICU teams needed to make sure the babies were okay right away, but I got to hear their cries and see them a bit. Addie (baby A) was breathing well enough to go to recovery with me, but they took Emmie (baby B) to NICU because she needed a little more help.

 Adeline Grace

 Emerson Cherie

After I spent a few minutes with Addie, they took her to the well baby nursery where she spent the night in an isolette to regulate her body temperature. Mike, my mom, and his dad got to see everyone, but I was kind of stuck in my room. That spinal block doesn't play around, and even when it wears off you aren't going anywhere for awhile!

 Addie hanging out in the nursery.

 Emmie in the NICU.

Both girls did really well...much better than I expected. It was definitely an answered prayer! Emmie was released from the NICU the next afternoon, and both girls got to come to our room shortly after. I couldn't believe how tiny they were...and three weeks later they still are!


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