Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ben's First Haircut

If you pay attention to this blog or know us in real life, you know that Ben has some serious hair. We had planned on waiting to get it cut until he was one, but it was getting so long that it was hard to care for. Plus, it was getting so tangled every day that he hated getting it combed out because it didn't feel that great. So, at the beginning of March we decided to go ahead and get it evened up. 

He was super curious about what was going on, but he did well. I was SO sad when it was done...he looked so completely different. Now that I am used to it, though, I think he looks adorable...even if it does make him look like a little boy and not my baby!

 The night before the haircut...goodbye hair!

What are you doing to my hair?

 After! Can you tell it was naptime by this point? We had to make some unexpected changes to our plan because in a small town peoples' (including barbers) schedules change depending on their moods and the weather...ha! We were happy with our decision to go ahead and get it done that day by someone else, though, and we can't believe how much it has already grown out! We'll be back at the barber again in no time...

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