Thursday, November 29, 2012


There is never a dull moment around our house with the Maxster. He constantly keeps me on my toes, and he truly just cracks me up. Back around his second birthday in September, we started noticing his speech and ability to communicate with us really picking up. At first just the very fact that he was talking cracked me up. Now, a few months later, it's what he says that I find so funny everyday!

I try to write them down, but I know I have missed some over the course of the past few months. Here are a few from when he first started talking more. I just want to have them written down somewhere so I can remember.

-When you ask Max what his name is, he says "two." (My sister did that too!)
-A horse says "yee haw"
-Glasses and Sunglasses are "eyes" 
-He wants to do everything "too." I do it too, I eat it too, I swing too.
-He got a swing set for his birthday and he would climb up to the top of the slide and say, "'mon mommy, all aboard....choo choo!"
-His favorite expressions are "oh nuts!" "that's so cute" and "awesome."
-When he sees the UPS truck he says, "oh box!"
-Around Halloween he started saying things are "spooky."
-One night I sneezed while his back was to me. He turned around and said, "Hey! Scared me!"
-He can get a little bossy. When he wants to do something he says, "Max's turn. Ben swing now."

And just a few more from the past couple weeks:

Max: Mommy, want chocolate milk. 
Me: We don't have any buddy.
Max: Oh. Go get it.

Me: Well we have to get Ben dressed and then we're gonna go to daddy's office. 
Max: That works.

Max: I want chocolate milk.
Me: We don't have any.
Max: Oh. Too bad.

Then, one Sunday afternoon at lunch he was throwing a fit so we let him out of his highchair and ignored him. A few minutes later...
Max: (Switching off the tears immediately) I'm better now.
Me: Are you ready to eat?
Max: Yes (a few minutes later). Max was mad. Now I'm happy!
Me: Well good.



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destiny said...

I love this!! It's so great to keep up with all of that sweet stuff!!