Thursday, October 18, 2012

Max's Mirror

So Max has a new obsession. My mirror. Whenever he puts on a funny costume or does something silly, he immediately says he's going to go see himself in the mirror and runs to look. It cracks me up, because he gets such a kick out of it! Never a dull moment with this kid. 

 Nothing like wearing shorts on your head.

 Shower cap...of course.

 Admiring his look.

 He was so enthralled with his hoodie. As you can tell, he's a fan of touching the mirror.

I have so many more on my phone, but he gets so excited that they are so blurry. He may also be getting to that age where he thinks it's funny to run from pictures.


1 comment:

joeandjan said...

I love that boy's smile. It covers his whole face. And the twinkle in his eyes is to die for. Cute doesn't begin to describe it.